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The Bamboo Tray

A collaboration with the Indonesia-based lifestyle brand

We partnered up with Studio Dapur, a brand from West Java, Indonesia to create a very special product.

With a similar philosophy as ours, Studio Dapur works with traditional bamboo craftsmen in their region, creating new lifestyle products that can be used in every day life. 


Studio Dapur, founded by Maulana Fariduddin, Mega Puspita and Alain Bunjamin,   collaborates with bamboo artisans in a small village, supporting the economy as well as educating and bringing up new artisans to ensure the future of this traditional craft.

The sustainable material bamboo is carefully selected and crafted in to high quality bamboo products. Beautiful weaving techniques are combined with bent frames, making the items durable yet lightweight. 

Studio Dapur_2_2.jpg

Knowing the origin of the materials used in a product and the circumstances they have been produced is nowadays not that common. With Studio Dapur, sustainability and responsibility as well as ethic production is guaranteed!

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