Custom orders & Consulting

Due to our close relationship to manufacturers & artisans from all over Japan we can provide consulting & expertise in various fields, from design to finished product.

Our clients include global brands like the Audi AG as well as smaller brands, local shops and cafés in various countries.

Restaurants, Hotels & Cafés

Would you like to lift your establishment over others with the same old standard tableware? With our help you’ll create a lasting experience for your customers by presenting your product on completely custom tableware, tailored to your unique needs.

We worked with the German Coffee Roaster Neues Schwarz, placing their Logo on our black Tokoname-yaki cups. They have been succesfully used at Barista Championships and are also being used in their cafes.

For the Korean fashion shop and cafe Concise, we worked with the Soma-yaki artisan to create our large cups in extra large, holding 280ml instead of 230ml. 

Slightly different sizes or even shapes are no problem to be made, if they are handmade on the potter's wheel!


We can help brands realize their vision of a product “Made in Japan”. Ceramics and beyond.

We worked with Hello Human, a store that specialized in French and English Bulldogs, to create their feeding bowl line, including the packaging.

400-year-old traditional pottery techniques were applied onto these dog feeding bowls, which hold slight variations with no two bowls exactly alike - same as the furry users.