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The traditional Japanese building material 

To the west of the urban area of Tokyo, wide forest cover the mountains. Here, different kinds of woods are sustainably cultivated and processed by forestries. For our trays, we use Hinoki wood, Japanese Cypress, which has a long tradition as building material of temples, baths and furniture, due to its rot-resisting attributes. 


Reducing the carbon footprint by reducing transport distances between the harvest area and the processing facility, as well as the distance the products have to cover to get into our hands is of great importance to us. Therefore, the locally harvested wood is shaped by a local carpentry in Takao. 


These multipurpose trays can be used alone or combined with our PineSkins and FABRIK Leather Coasters or simply with our pottery. As a tray for your favorite jewelry, a place to put your watch, or keys. Small items will be taken care of by the simplicity of the design and richness of the wooden material.


Care instructions:

Wash tray with water, do not use scrubbing brushes. Keep it dry after usage. Long exposure to sunlight will darken the wood color. Lighter spots left by items that stayed on the same place for a longer time even out with time.

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