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Shigaraki-yaki Artisan
Daiki Okuda

奥田 大器

The kiln "Tsubohachi" is located in Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture.
Here, Daiki Okuda, third generation potter of the kiln, continues the tradition.


In this fast paced stressful and oftentimes cruel society, he made it his mission to bring a bit of relief to the people through his pottery.

He believes in the power pottery has to heal hearts when people surround themselves with it.  


Under the brand name "Daiki's Vessels", he creates his beautiful products such as Suikinkutsu (水琴窟) and large water bowls, that definitely let you feel his philosophy.


Back in the days, the kiln has been producing large ceramic pipes and its history can be seen in the large production hall where some of the old machines still remain.


But foremost, Tsubohachi has been known for their large pots and other objects that are used in traditional Japanese gardens.

Nowadays, various types of teapots make up a large portion of their production.


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