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PineSkins Coasters (Set of 2 or 4)

PineSkins Coasters (Set of 2 or 4)

PineSkins coasters ∅108 mm that fit perfectly into Asemi Co. Hinoki Trays. The PineSkins coasters are available as set of 2 or set of 4, as well as single Hinoki tray and PineSkins coaster set.

This is a collaboration project with Studio Sarmite, who invented this leather-like material made of the inner bark of pine trees.


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    • Any residue and dust can be cleaned off with a damp cloth.
    • Occasionally or if the bark feels a little dry, it can be waxed with a neutral wax / shoe wax or coconut oil.

    How to wax: take a soft cotton fabric and rub it into wax. Apply evenly on bark. If the bark has become a little dry, apply generously and let it soak in for a couple of hours or overnight. Clean leftovers with clean cloth.

    • If the bark becomes too moist, put it between sheets of paper / book for a couple of hours.
    • PineSkins does not do well for prolonged periods in direct, hot sunlight or next to a hot object, such as a radiator.
    • PineSkins will also not appreciate being left for long periods in a very humid room, soaked completely wet or left outside in rain or cold.

    Being a natural material, it is sensitive to extreme climate changes

    PineSkins will thrive in a regular home ambience.


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