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Our Artisan Packaging

To wrap up our Artisan cups we came up with a very practical and at the same time eco-friendly solution.

The box is made from a single sheet of thick recycled cardboard, wrapped around the cup. The single straight sheet leaves a lot less wasted cardboard than a normal box. The packaging closed by a sticker, that serves as informative medium and also holds the box safely shut without any need for glue or staples.

The way the cardboard is wrapped around the cup makes the packaging very stable, to avoid lots of plastic wrapping for shipping and at the same time allows the customer to easily view the precious content, each cup being a unique piece, without having to open the box. Each one contains information sheets on the artisan and pottery style, printed on thin washi-style paper.

Every box is has a hand screenprinted logo on top and is wrapped individually by ourselves in Tokyo.




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