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Koishiwara-yaki Artisan


Yusuke Kumagae

On a high ground at the edge of rice fields and in between the mountains of Koishiwara lies the kiln of Kaneha-gama.

Here Yusuke Kumagae, our Koishiwara-yaki artisan leads the traditional lifestyle of growing rice and making pottery. He lives and works in harmony with nature, the weather and seasons influencing his work, telling him either to work on the fields or in his pottery workshop.

As a rice farmer, Yusuke Kumagae  uses his own rice straw to create his glazes, one of which is used for our Asemi Artisan cups. It is a special mixture of ash from the rice straw and iron powder, resulting in the beautiful metallic look.

With the tool called "Tobikanna" he creates the distinctive markings of this pottery kind.

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