Iga-yaki Artisan


Tatsuro Seki

The artisan carrying on the tradition of the pottery type said to have its roots in the Nara period (AD 710 - 794)

Tatsuro Seki started began his pottery education in 1991. His apprenticeships led him to Kasama, Bizen and Shigaraki, before he established his kiln in Mashino, Mie Prefecture.

Specialized in ash glaze pottery, he is well respected among his colleges, winning several awards.

His showroom is filled with different art pieces he made. Digging for the preferred clay in Iga is the first step of his production.

The rough clay combined with ash glazes are fired in high temperatures, creating sturdy pieces, with unpredictable outcomes. 

The rough and strong character of his work is celebrated by chefs, saying that the served food appears more delicious on his platters.