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Hasami-yaki Artisan


Haruho Baba

馬場 春穂

In the beautiful scenery of Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture, Haruho Baba runs his kiln.

It is one of many kilns operating in the area, known for its big pottery industry.

Despite carrying an immense workload, producing products for a lot of renowned brands, his relaxed character and patience mirrors the atmosphere of the whole village.

He also supports the young staff of his kiln by giving them the opportunity to create their own works and exhibiting and selling them through his gallery shop.

With a long history of the kiln, Mr. Baba has built a huge network of different workshops for mold making, shape making and glazes.

The beauty of his workshop is undeniable.

The big main kiln is being fired a couple times a day.

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