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The Brand

The name Asemi Co. originates from "asemic writing", a wordless open semantic form of writing. It is up to the reader to interpret the writing, no matter which language he speaks or where he is from. 

"Asemic art, after all, represents a kind of language that's universal and lodged deep within our unconscious minds." - Satu Kaikkonen

With our creations we want to transport that philosophy over to design, creating products that are universally understood regardless of background or nationality and at the same time keep precious crafts alive in the fast paced world.

Yuki Ishiguro

Born and raised in Germany, Japanese creative Yuki attended the Folkwang University of the Arts and founded his freelance company The Fuja. In 2011 Yuki moved to Japan to explore his roots and learn more about the birthplace of his parents.
After completing an internship at Industrial Design Office Plane Co. Ltd. he started working at K-Studio under the guidance of Masayuki Kurokawa who introduced him to Japanese design & architecture. 

Lars Amhoff

Born in Germany Lars early discovered his love for design and worked in the furniture design industry after graduating as product designer in 2003. Looking for a more in-depth education he started studying industrial design at what is now the Folkwang University of the Arts. Whilst studying Lars founded Kinkyform and The Substain, two projects in which he merged his passions illustration, art, design & craftsmanship. 
After graduating Lars started working & teaching at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

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