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Seto-yaki Artisan
Tatsunobu Kato

加藤 達伸

The "Sanpoen-gama" is a Seto-yaki pottery in Kamamotocho, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.
Here, Tatsunobu Kato, the sixth-generation potter of the kiln, puts his heart into his creations each and every day.


Using techniques that have been passed on for generations, he aims to bring joy to the table through his handmade pottery.


Using high quality Seto clay, which is very sturdy, Mr. Kato takes each moment his products are being used into account - from the taking them out of the cupboard to the last wash.


He carefully makes use of traditional glazes to achieve the perfect balance with the food that is served on his plates.  The fine cracks of the "Kiseto" glaze is delicately colored with the natural sap taken from the hats of acorns.


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